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A Match Made in Mindfulness: CBD and Meditation

The human experience is a kaleidoscopic one, full of ups and downs that undeniably take a toll on the psyche. Due to the unpredictable nature of life, sage advice we all can benefit from is ensuring that we set aside time to nurture our mental well-being. Many of us gravitate towards the age-old practice of meditation, which has been serving a multitude of purposes for centuries.

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A Match Made in Mindfulness: CBD and Meditation November 5, 2019Leave a comment
A Match Made in Mindfulness: CBD and Meditation

While such a practice is tailored to the individual user, the general idea is to utilize a technique, such as focusing on breath or mindfulness, to bring awareness into the present moment. Clearing the mind is no easy task, however, and neither is giving your attention to one thing at a time. Such a mental exercise requires cultivating a specific concentration, which may make meditation sound all the more daunting or difficult, ironic as that may be. However, research has shown that consistently making time to incorporate meditation into your routine can yield a handful of positive effects.

If you are facing any resistance or are finding yourself a bit overwhelmed about embracing meditation, introducing CBD into your approach may help the practice to be less burdensome. After all, given that meditation is all about calming the mind, integrating CBD makes for a fitting addition. Here's why:

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is an all-natural compound that can be extracted from cannabis plants. When absorbed by the human body, studies have shown that CBD can help reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, as well as offer pain relief, among other potential medical benefits. However, unlike the THC compound also found in the cannabis plant, CBD is nonintoxicating, meaning that it will not result in any degree of disorienting or euphoric side effects. Given that research has shown CBD to help calm an overactive brain, it is quickly emerging as an efficacious addition to keep in your meditative toolkit. This is especially true for those of us who are impacted by anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in the United States, reportedly affecting 40 million adults age 18 and older. As countless studies can attest, meditation is a little thing that can make a world of difference, including helping calm an anxious mind. Adding CBD into the picture only furthers this mission. Studies show CBD may help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve concentration, which ultimately are two of the intended goals behind the practice of meditation in the first place.

Even though the benefits of CBD are appealing to those who meditate, it doesn't mean taking it is all it takes to dub a meditation session a success or deem it a failure. Incorporating CBD will simply aid in quieting intrusive thoughts and helping one to relax while settling into a meditation practice.

Studies show CBD may help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve concentration, which ultimately are two of the intended goals behind the practice of meditation in the first place.

Just like there is "no right way" to meditate, there is no sequential endpoint to go after either. They call meditation a practice because it is both an action you do and a continuous exercise that helps our mental state. Given that there really isn't a way to make meditation "easier," incorporating CBD into our mindfulness routine is a way to further nourish the practice.

On top of the benefits CBD has been clinically shown to have on our emotional and mental state, it also helps ease any physical pain we may be feeling. Studies suggest that CBD is an effective treatment for pain management. It can aid in relieving pain, such as sore muscles or joint pain, that can get in the way of meditation practices. This is where applying CBD topically can come in especially handy. Soothing our muscles and joints only helps sooth our minds; two components that play a role in the willingness to practice meditation. Due to the multipurpose benefits of CBD, many meditation and yoga studios in the United States have even begun offering it as a supplement to their routine classes.

While meditation takes time and effort to develop, incorporating CBD can only further the cause on several levels. From cultivating mindfulness to boosting focus to lessening worry, CBD can help your meditation practice and help you to build a better you.






A Match Made in Mindfulness: CBD and Meditation
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A Match Made in Mindfulness: CBD and Meditation
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